Integrative Health Coaching

Our lives can become cluttered with day-to-day obligations. They may become so cluttered, in fact, that our dreams for a life of deeper meaning and purpose get pushed aside, forgotten. Goals and promises we make to ourselves–lose a few pounds, exercise more, eat more vegetables, maybe start that novel or even just have more fun–become merely items on a list we make the first of every year. These goals may never really make their way into the flow of our lives, and can even become defeats that zap our

Integrative Health Coaching can help you begin to recover your deepest dreams from the clutter of everyday life. Through dynamic partnership, accountability, self-care, and mindfulness, you’ll take the individual steps and make the lasting changes to achieve your short-term and long-term health goals and bring your dreams into reality.

“Optimal health is a journey more than a destination
and it requires frequent reassessing and rebalancing.”
Tracy Gaudet, M.D.
Executive Director, Duke Integrative Medicine