“At every appointment I have learned and committed to something in my healing process.. Thank you, Patricia, for helping me gain the confidence and self-direction I needed to help myself and my body heal.”
B.B.S., cancer patient

“Patricia is excellent at archetypal analysis. Her sharp intuition and creative insights make the process right on target. She is great to work with and she has very high integrity.”
-C.K., computer scientist

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! The minute I walked away from my first session I sensed that a huge shift had just occurred. I am so grateful for your guidance.”
-Jennifer Bates, actor

“The archetypes are an amazing tool for self reflection. Patricia facilitates the process beautifully.” -Jim Mathis, engineer

“I first began talking with Patricia to seek help with realizing a lifelong dream of writing the proverbial novel. I had retired early to accomplish it, and almost immediately became paralyzed with fear of not being up to the work, because it turned out to be much harder than anticipated. I finally had time to do the thing I wanted most to do, yet was slammed with Resistance and Uncertainty. I asked Patricia for a little creativity coaching and some assistance with procrastination avoidance, but she offered much more than that.
Her strategies have enhanced my personal health and happiness on oh-so- many levels, often keeping me afloat during my most serious periods of doubt. From beginning a practice of meditation that stills my mind for the creative work of writing, a daily yoga practice that keeps me physically fit and energetic, creative imagery and regular encouragements from Patricia that inspire confidence and keep me thinking in new ways, all the way through the larger pictures of understanding my own archetypal behavior patterns, and the practice of loving life through mindfulness and acceptance, I am full of gratitude for Patricia’s work and all the ways it has enlightened my journey. Give yourself the gift of a few integrative health coaching sessions with Patricia Wilson. It might change your life.” -Debby Miller, retired teacher backyardspectator.blogspot.com

“Working with Patricia has changed my life. The transformation she has helped guide me through has been huge, very healing and very special. She has helped me look at my life and myself in a new and beautiful way — with compassion, courage and unconditional love. Thank you Patricia!” -R.L., music teacher